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    Best way to handle popup menus?

      We're currently developing a complex dashboard, with at least 6 different chart sheets, 30+ filters and 10+ other display settings. In the interests of making things visually simple for our users, I'm trying to come up with a way to display the filters that looks good but also doesn't suffer too much in terms of performance.


      The first attempt was to create a tabbed container (which would popup on each sheet at the push of a button), each tab of which held a grid container which held 4-8 filters each. This way, the filters could be grouped by relevance (e.g. all filters related to Account Execs and Offices on one tab, all filters related to Products on another tab, etc.). Unfortunately, this object was very unwieldy, and slowed down the Desktop client to the point where it takes 40+ seconds to recalculate after any change is made during development.


      Asking QlikTech Support didn't yield much information, they said that using container objects was 'not recommended' and that I should instead create the popup using multiple layered textboxes, with a mess of show conditions and a multibox (which we'd really like to avoid, as they look awful).


      Can anyone think of a better way to do this? We're currently considering putting the Filters container on a separate sheet, and jumping to-and-from that sheet with buttons/variables, but it's a poor replacement for a popup.




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          Alessandro Saccone

          I manage really complex documents (more than 20 sheets) with lots of filters and objects,;

          I've always used container and never experienced problem so I suggest to use them ...

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            having too many filters on every sheet and selecting each one tries to reload all the objects could potentially impact performance. the way i use is - i create a button on every sheet 'Filters'  click on it will take user to new sheet (user doesn't feel he/she navigated to new sheet: assuming tabs are hidden) and new sheet (filters sheet) will have all the filters, you can apply all filters and click on again on the 'Filters' button, user will navigated back to same sheet where he started. 

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                Hi My QV,


                That's what I'm looking at trying next - how would you go about hiding the tabs? Is it possible to just hide the tab for the Filters sheet? Or do I need to hide the entire tabrow upon navigating to that sheet?

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                    app look very clean and user friendly to navigate when you hide all tabs all the time and create text objects to navigate between sheets (my personal opinion).  and its easy to convince user that he is not navigated to other sheet for filters, he will think that it is a page popup or refreshed to show filters. on filters sheet i use text buttons to show / hide filter list boxes, that way it looks clean and easy to add many filters any time.



                    Srinivas Chitrapu