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    Always 1 selected and Search

      I have a qlikview tool that allows the user to search by either "Account Name" or "Account ID".

      The amount of data has gotten to the point, that I want to make sure that always 1 is selected (either or/ or both).


      When I make "Account Name" always 1 selected.  Then you can no longer search on Account ID, any value that comes up is greyed out, and when selected, it doesn't overwrite current value.  And vice versa with "Account ID"



      For instance (see attached example)

      Account Name = Beth is selected, which corresponds with account ID = 2.

      Account Name is a "always one value selected field"

      If someone searches for account ID = 6 (which is frank) I want them to be able to select it, and have it choose frank automatically.


      Thanks for your help in advance!