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    Accumulation in Pivot table (no acculation over year)

      Hi all,

      I have Pivot table with horizontal dimensions Year & Month and I´d like to calculate accumulated sums. Actually I did succeed with calculation but the problem is how "end" accumulation to yearend (for example Dec-2013)? In other words, when year changes, accumulation should start from Jan-2014, not continue from Dec-2013?


      My Expression:


      RangeSum(Before(TOTAL sum({<Month={$(=vMinMonth)},CashPeriod={1},CashCalcMark={1} >}CashFlowAmount),0, ColumnNo(TOTAL)))+

      RangeSum(Before(TOTAL sum({<Month={$(=vMinMonth)},CashPeriod={1},CashCalcMark={2} >}CashFlowAmount*-1),0, ColumnNo(TOTAL)))+

      RangeSum(Before(TOTAL sum({<CashPeriod={2},CashCalcMark={1} >}CashFlowAmount),0, ColumnNo(TOTAL)))+

      RangeSum(Before(TOTAL sum({<CashPeriod={2},CashCalcMark={2} >}CashFlowAmount*-1),0, ColumnNo(TOTAL)))