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    select/view only one of many lines in a line chart with multiple expressions

    Steve Lord

      Hi, I have a line chart with a sum(field) expression for each line plotted on the graph.  The main data source structure is like this:


      Client          Date     Field1     Field2     Field3

      a               1/1/14     3          5               1

      b               1/1/14     5          6               0

      a              1/2/14     0          1               2

      c               1/2/14     1          1               1

      d               1/3/14     2          3               4


      I have Date as the dimension, then three expressions summing each of the three fields.  The line chart looks nice, and when I hover over it I see the value of whatever at any given point.  How do I make it so the end user can click on one of the lines or legend labels to see only that line or legend label?


      I suspect I have to put the fields under a parent field and make date and parent field the two dimensions... maybe crosstable to keep client and date, then pivot the fields with the values I want to sum to attributename field, and the values to attributevalue.. then have date and attribute name as the dimensions, and sum attributevalue for one expression...


      Sorry, I might've answered my own question but will leave it here in case anyone else needs it.  Feel free to confirm or deny or let me/us know about any potential landmines if it's not as straightforward as I think now.