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    Bar offset

    Nemanja Momic

      Hello all,


      I need a little help with application that I'm making.

      This is a job scheduling monitor, that uses logs for information.

      In the chart below, name of the application is a dimension, and the expression is duration of execution of task.

      I need to show whole 24 hours, like shown in the picture. Why is it showing only to 12am?

      Also how should I offset the tasks to show when it started the execution and the duration?


      Also I've attached the example of how I want to be executed.


      App1 runs all day, every 10 minutes(couldnt draw all of them).

      App2 starts at 04:00 and it is executed until 00:00.

      App3 runs all day and i has long execution time.


      How should I show that in chart?