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    IE Plugin Not Showing as Option

    Brian Helms

      I have a single client who cannot get any applications to open with the IE Plugin. The IE Plugin doesn't even show up as an option when we expand. Here is what I have done to test


      1) Uninstalled the Plugin (11.2), and reinstalled it.

      2) Uninstalled the Plugin, deleted all QlikView files, and reinstalled the plugin.

      3) Reset all IE Settings, and added the AccessPoint page to the Trusted Sites

      4) Checked that the user can telnet to port 80 to the server


      All other users are having no problems. My question is, he is using a Verizon Aircard, then connecting to the VPN, and within the firewall, it is showing him as using a public network. Could this have anything to do with it? I am really running out of ideas on how to help him.