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    Access Point

    Joaqu�n L�zaro



      We have a request about public documents using Access Point, we usually reload, reduce and distribute all our documents to the related users and all works fine ... but sometimes, when the source app fails the reloaded data aren't good.


      Is there a way to show a window, a message an alert or something "Application Unavailable" and exit app when user clicks to open this wrong app?


      Any help will be appreciated.


      Thanks in advance


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          Peter Cammaert

          IMHO the whole QlikView Server automated publishing strategy is built around a mantra: do not show wrong data. In practice this leads to applications always showing the last correct version if anything goes wrong with the new reload. Task chains that fail at some point will not update the resulting document.


          On the other hand, if you really want to show a warning to the end-user whenever something goes wrong along the reload road, you can reprogram your end-user document in such a way that it will show data only if some token (a qvd file or a text file in a specific location or with specific content) exists. Your reload taskl chain should start with the removal of this token. And every task should be programmed to not let the attached document fail but to continue with the proper error handling (e.g. not signalling "Everything's just fine" by way of the token).


          The end-user document will reload the token first, and upon detecting an incomplete reload, will hide the usual sheets and display an error sheet.

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              Joaqu�n L�zaro

              Hi Peter Cammaert


              The QlikView operations doesn't fail, all works fine.


              In this case, the ERP or the CRM had created wrong data; when the IT managers of ERP or CRM tell me "we have wrong data" I would like some system to show a warning and exit the QlikView app.


              For instance, today I've reloaded, reduced and published the sales data with no incidents, after this the IT-Manager of Sales App told me "Joaquin, we have wrong total amount" ... I wish to show a message "Under construction" or "Waiting for correct data from Sales App" and then exit from QlikView app

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                  Peter Cammaert

                  So there is no way of letting QlikView decide on whether the data is wrong or not. That will be tricky.


                  You may want to use the Server Message feature (see QMC->System->Setup->QlikView Web Server->Access Point->Access Point Settings->Custom System Message) to notify your visitors about any data problems. But that won't keep them from opening a document...

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                    christian juillard

                    Hi Joaquim


                    may be you can set up a specific file with a flag 0 or 1 you manage manually.

                    Then use it whan you reload to set your alert


                    you might have to reload manually when you are informed of the pb  if the frequency of reload is just once a day


                    best regards


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                  Joaqu�n L�zaro

                  OK. Thank you.


                  The final solution for this request will be add a new table with a flag Available/Unavailable (0/1) and will show and alert when count(unavailable)>1.


                  When IT-manager from one app will notify us his problem we will change the flag and reload the QV app, but only data available.