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    How to link two dates to one master calendar

    Karunpreet Soni

      Hello everyone,


      I have a data like


      District     StartDate     EndDate          Metered     Unmetered     Planned

      ABC       01/Jan/2015   28/Feb/2015      20                    15               10

      CDE      15/Jan/2015    28/Feb/2015      15                    20               10

      EFG      28/Jan/2015   15/Mar/2015       40                    18               15



      Sector        StartDate         EndDate          Metered     Unmetered     Planned

      ABC1       01/Jan/2015      28/Feb/2015         10                8                  5

      ABC2       01/Feb/2015      28/Feb/2015        10                 7                 5       

      CDE1       15/Jan/2015       15/Feb/2015         8                 10                5

      CDE2        01/Feb/2015      28/Feb/2015         7                10                5



      Street          StartDate        EndDate                Metered       Unmetered     Planned

      ABC1A       01/Jan/2015         28/Feb/2015            5                    4                 3

      ABC1B      15/Jan/2015          28/Feb/2015            5                    4                 2

      ABC2A      01/Feb/2015         28/Feb/2015           10                    7                 5

      CDE1A      15/Jan/2015         15/Feb/2015             8                    10                5     



      District       Sector      Street

      ABC          ABC1         ABC1A

      ABC          ABC1          ABC1B

      ABC          ABC2          ABC2A

      CDE          CDE1          CDE1A

      CDE          CDE2


      I have to use 3 different calendars for table 1 ,2 and 3 . But where i m getting trapped is I will be having two dates for each master calendar.

      How can that issued be solved.


      When I plotted a chart of month vs planned for sector I was getting only feb as my month because I was able to link only the end date of sector with the master calendar, How can I link two different dates to one calendar.


      Please help me out as its urgent.


      Thanking everyone in anticiapation