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    Cluster document preload in all node and balance "preloaded document"

    Alexander Korsikov

      Hi all.

      We have:

      Qlik Cluser with QVS1 and QVS2.

      Two app: appA and appB

      I go to:

      In QMC:

      • Documents
      • User Documents
      • Select your document
      • Server tab
      • Performance tab
      • Document Control
      • Select Customize
      • Choose the Cluster node
      • Set oprion Preload in Cluster node

      In web server chosen by balancing "Preloaded document". When both nodes are available all works well. But when one node a  failure of such a situation comes.


      AppA reload in QVS1. All node run

      If we connect to AccessPoint appA open in QVS1.

      QVS1 falure

      appA reconnect and open in QVS2.

      QVS1 go

      appA avalable preloaded in QVS1 and QVS2. load balance "Preloaded document"

      in this case, on which server the document opens?

      The experiments showed that opens on the server where this point was open session or most open sessions. And all new connection open appA in QVS2.

      But then that did not work out as we need to. All documents are to work on the second server.

      how to fix it?