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    Select Possible Field (with conditional) Action onChange variable

    Ferran Puchol

      Hey guys, i really need your help.


      There is my problem:


      I have 3 scenarios for compare sales: vs LastYear, vs Target1 and vs Target2.

      The difference between them is that they have differents levels of aggregation.


      For example:

      Imagine the following structure of the Product Master:




      PRODUCT (lower lever of information)


      The info for LastYear is for PRODUCT, for Target1 is FAMILY and for Target2 is GROUP.

      When Lastyear is selected i want to see the information for PRODUCT, but when Target1 or 2 are selected I need to see the information for their lower lever.

      So, the problem is that i need to select all the possible values from their lower level and then clear the fields that are below their lower level.


      I tried to use conditional clauses on the FIELD (for OnChange action) but i've read in some posts that QV doesn't allow us to do that.


      So, do you have any idea for this issue?


      Thanks in advance.