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    iPad Check Mark and X

      Hi All,


      It was decided after development that the iFrame solution we came up with should work on iPads.  So I don't know much about it.  The latest issue is this thing:


      iPad CheckMark and X.PNG.png


      Since I don't have regular access to an iPad to test, I just have this image.  Is this a QlikView thing?  Can I turn it off?


      The charts are all read-only.  I wish I had more information to go on.....

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          Apparently it happens when you zoom: holding your finger on a chart.  Instead of just the zoom magnifier, this shows up, as well.

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              From the manual:

              Working with Objects

              To select a part of the displayed values in for example a bar chart, or to select multiple lines in a line chart, hold your finger on the object until the resizable selection area pops up. Resize the selection area according to your preference, and press the Select button at the top left-hand corner.  The selected values are now displayed.

              This appears to be what is happening, but my charts are read-only.  Shouldn't that make selections impossible?

              Orientation and Zooming

              Rotating the small device 90° allows working with the QlikView document in landscape orientation.

              Zooming of QlikView objects is supported when having opened the document in full browser version, using the regular zooming functionality of the small device.

              That's all there is on zooming in the manual.