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    Usage CAL tracking

    Riaan Du Toit

      Good Day,


      Has anyone found a way to be able to see a listing of all the Usage CALs and by when they will regenerate?


      On the Management Console you can only see the summary number: Usage CALs: 12 available (100 in license)


      I want to see a listing that will tell me something like:

      CAL id, Date Used, Date it will become available (If we can even try to see the Session it was used in and the user linked to that session even better)


      My main goal is: Yes there are only 12 available today, but don't worry tomorrow 45 CALs will regenerate, no need to panic.


      We use Qlikview Server 11.2 64bit


      There are plenty of questions about what Usage CALs are and how they work. Like this one: http://community.qlik.com/message/459268#459268