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    Problems setting up QlikView Publisher

    r d

      I am having trouble setting up QlikView Publisher on our systems. We have separate servers for the QlikView publisher, web server and QlikView server. We have separate file systems for the source documents and the user documents. I am able to create a publisher task but the task is failing. Attached is the log.


      The initial log messages suggest that the source folder location is accessible but then later in the log it states that is it unable to load the source file. I have tried from our sourcedocs fileshare (\\kt101\yqv01\P3\UAT\SourceDocs\P3Internal\P3_Internal_BIO_(Anon).qvw) and also from the c: drive (C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\SourceDocuments\P3_Internal_BIO_(Anon)_c_drive_test.qvw) as source folder but neither are working.


      My questions therefore are:

      1) Can anyone suggest why this is happening?


      2) What traffic exchanges happen between the different services when a file is published?


      3) Which ports are used?