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    Background color depending on another results



      I need to use a formula that changes the background of the cell depending on the result of the expression (i am coparing between the Forecast and the budget).


      If the forecast is >= Budget then green else red. But this doesn't work for me.


      Can you help me to correct this expression.


      Please find attached my application.



        • Re: Background color depending on another results

          Hello Imen,


          In your background color expression:


          sum({ <YEAR_EXERCISE ={"= $(v_SelectedYear)"},SPQVC_ORDER={'V01'},EXERCISE ={'BUDGET'}>} Amount)


          Returns 0 for every value that is not associated with EXERCISE = 'BUDGET'.


          So I replaced the above with your v_Budget, which is equal to 21,579,268.37.


          The problem with this is that it is greater than every single one of your act/fcst.


          This might be something you can fix in your load script. The problem is that your other Exercises cannot be compared to your Budget Exercises.