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    Stripes every 1 row for table box

      Hi everyone,


      I have a table box that I applied stripes every 1 row (grey and white) using the following settings (I had to set background color to grey and not transparent).

      table box question.png

      It looks fine on browser but when I used it in a report, exported it to pdf and then exported that to powerpoint, I get a grey shading on all the rows. You can tell some rows are darker than others, but is there a way to make it look like what I had in pdf in the powerpoint file? Thank you!

      table box question ppt.png


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          Figured out something that is not perfect. So in reports editor, click on the item setting of the tablebox and go into settings there to change the background color to transparent. This makes the pdf and ppt both not have the stripes and does not affect the stripes on the browser view. If anyone figures out a way to show the stripes without using background color, please let me know!


          Thank you!