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    Generate DATA and grouped PROGRESSIVE TOTAL in script.

      Hi everybody!

      Don't know how to do this and my head is fully broken because of my task.

      There is Sales table like this:


      jan 2014

      feb 20141120
      jan 20142180
      mar 20142140
      feb 20143120

      Script is simple:



      MonthName(date) as Month,


      round(Sum(Sales)) as MonthSum

      Resident Orders Group By CustomerID, (MonthName(date));


      I need table with no-sales-months and with progressive total field, something like this:


      jan 20141150150
      feb 20141120270
      mar 201410270
      jan 20142180180
      feb 201420180
      mar 20142140320
      jan 2014300
      feb 20143120120
      mar 201430120


      Hope you have more experience and more stable brains instead of me!

      Waiting for your help!!


      P. S. I need it in script. I've made the table with progressive total but without no-sales-months)