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    Neo4j connectivity with qlikview


      I want to connect Neo4j with qlikview11.2.

      I have the JDBCConnector.dll and configured it.




      Now in qlikview, for connecting it I have given the url as jdbc:neo4j://localhost:7474.

      And if I clicked on test option it is prompting as


      But if I click on ok option, I can see in Edit script as CUSTOM CONNECT TO "Provider=JDBCConnector.dll;jdbc:neo4j://localhost:7474;XUserId=cdXLPIC;XPassword=FSfYRPD;";

      Now if I go to select option it is directing to the below window which is totally unenabled.



      So anyone pls let me know whether the jar I have provided in the jdbc connector driver is correct and also the URL in qlikview.

      Also pls let me know if any username and password has to be given along with the URL.


      Thanks in advance..