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    Several dimensions - how to make it as flexible as possible?

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I'm just working on a new KPI: The nr. of lorrys and the nr. of containers arrived on a given day.

      The issue is, there are a number of xdimensions:

      - There is the dimension of day (or month, to be switched) that I have everywhere, that is important of course.

      - Then there is an early and a late shift every day.

      - There are lorrys and there are containers

      -  Last, but not least, there are three gates for goods_receipt (for both lorrys and containers)

      => That makes it a bit difficult.

      I want, in any case, to show early and late shift side by side simultaneously and I want to show a full week (six days) in the charting area.

      <=> The trellis option can (because it would otherwise become too small) be activated on only one dimension, either the distinction containers-lorrys (I would create an inline table) or the gate_ID.


      <=> I would like to make the chart as flexible as possible for the user so that the user is able to either

      - compare the gates rgd. either lorrys or containers OR

      - compare the nr. of lorrys and containers on one gate.


      Can anyone help me a bit here? I guess it would be an option to have two or three charts with visibility conditions (with the trellis option on either this or that), is there another one?

      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,