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    Publisher pdf report error

    João Nuno Duarte



      I am using Publisher to distribute a pdf report via e-mail. However, in the latest report I had to develop, I am not managing to get it distributed to the e-mail addresses as it is supposed. I must also say that we have daily triggers to send other reports and everything is working fine.


      The problem with this new report  is the following: it has to be distributed "along" a certain parameter, which can have one of four values. Depending on that value, the report would have 23, 10, 24 or 28 pages. The interesting issue is that I am only getting the 10-page report; the others are not sent (the e-mail addresses are the same) and I receive an e-mail notification of failed task.


      I would like to know if there is some kind of limit to the number of pages of a pdf report. I need to understand if I need to improve the script or, on the other hand, if there is some limitation concerning Publisher pdf reports.


      I am using QlikView 11 SR2 on a Windows 2008 Server machine.

      Thank you & Best regards,

      João Duarte

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          Jaime Aguilar


          can you post the configuration you're using in Management console, please? Also how does that parameter you mention, is interacting with server?, I think that's the clue here.


          As a side note, I've seen that when you try to distribute reports with lots of pages (like over 50 pages), the task sometimes fail, but it seems that the number of pages is not an issue for you,



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            Bill Britt

            You can try to increase the PDF timeout to see if that helps.




            For QVServer Reload Engine you will need to editthe Settings.ini file located in C:\Documents and Settings\Default
            User\Application Data\QlikTech\QlikViewBatch\ by adding thePDFPrintTimeoutInSeconds=30 under the [Settings 7] tag somewhere. There is no need to restart any services after adding this, as the QVB process reads the
            Settings.ini every time a QVB process is launched.



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              João Nuno Duarte

              Thank you both for your answers.


              @Jaime Aguilar: the parameter I referred to is a number in an Excel file. The reports are supposed to be created for each parameter value. The number of pages of the report will match a second parameter, that is associated with the first one.


              @Bill Britt: I did not find exactly that folder path. However, I edited the settings.ini file under C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\QlikViewServer but it keeps sending the 10 page report (parameter value =2) while the other 3 reports (parameter values =1,3 and 4) are not sent.


              Is there any other way to change timeouts?




              João Duarte

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                João Nuno Duarte



                In what concerns this issue, I contacted Qlikview Support and they managed to distribute the reports correctly.


                Meanwhile, we adopted a new e-mail server, which motivated a change in the parameter that commands the pdf distribution. In this new scenario, we should have 81 1-page reports, but an error was fired as soon as it came to distribute the 17th report.


                After more research in the Community, I read about pdf distribution problems caused by hidden objects. Consequently, as these reports had some tables and charts which were conditionally displayed, I changed the reports in order to always show all the tables and charts. As a result, the reports began to be distributed correctly.


                In the end, I have the problem solved, but I still would like your opinion about that solution (having no conditionality for showing objects), as I would expect Qlikview to be able to cope with hidden objects...


                Thank you & Best regards,


                João Duarte