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    SAP Connector SR3 Release

    Dean Ansermoz

      Hi all,


      We have today released SR3 for the current SAP connector version 5.80 and is now available to download.


      The following have been addressed with the release of this SR:


      New Features in version 5.8 SR3


      All Connectors:

      • Backward compatibility towards SAP code starting from the SAP code of release 5.80 SR2. That makes it possible to install the Windows part of the Connectors for a new release without installing the corresponding SAP transports. However new functionality dependent of changes in the SAP code cannot be used in that case.
      1. Extractor Connector:
        • Records for failed ongoing jobs (job status ‘S’) can now be either deleted or job status set to ‘A’ (aborted) from the Connector instead of from the SAP GUI. Be careful not to delete ongoing successful jobs as they are also shown in the new Connector window.
        • Improvements when using ‘Message Server Host’ and ‘Group’ in the ‘Setup SAP Connection’ dialogue.
        • Improved automatic resend functionality for tRFC transfer method.



      Bugs corrected in version – 5.8 SR3

      Extractor Connector

      • Status table record now gets job status changed to ‘A’ (aborted) when a job is cancelled due to a timeout.
      • Extractors with rows containing more than 1000 characters could get corrupt contents in fields. This is now corrected.
      • A serious error occurred sometimes due to max no of 100 conversations exceeded. This will not happen anymore.



      Dean Ansermoz 

      Product Manager – Connectivity