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    Installing and using QVplugin for IE

    Heino Juho

      Hi all,


      could you please point out how I can enable the IE plugin option, i.e. where inside the QMC (noted here QVplugin 11, not installing / available as opti... | Qlik Community).
      And when I have it in use, how shall I open the document: do I have to select 'open with IE plugin' or something similar with AccessPoint? This might be a silly question but I was unable to discover proper documentation about it.


      We have version 11.20 SR1 in use, and the reason I am trying the IE plugin is that I have a macro creating a filesystem object (Excel-workbook), which apparently requires the use of IE plugin (macros not working on server). Please note that I chose 'show link' for plugin download in QMC, after which I downloaded and installed it on my local machine. Control panel is only showing QvPluginSetup as having been installed.



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          Erik Gustafsson

          Hi Juhi,


          If the link is enabled for the clients on AccessPoint, and the end user has installed the IE plugin, it can be selected when you press "View details" of a document beneath the name and the thumbnail. If not visible (only works in IE), then you need to allow it, usually there is a yellow bar or a popup from Internet Explorer asking you to confirm it to run.


          You can set it to be the default client inside the QMC, on the same settings page as where you enable the download link. It can also be selected as the preferred client for the individual user by clicking "Favorites & Profile" > "Profile" on the AccessPoint upper right corner.