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    Average Cal in Bar chart is different from Straight Table

    Amit Saini

      Hi Folks ,


      I'm facing on small issue while calculating average in Straight table and in Bar charts. Please see below:


      In this Straight table below I'm calculating Act. Tanks Scrapped % as expression = avg(Scrap) which is giving me result 3.4% which is right number. (Here I have set expression total as Average so I'm getting 3,4% which is correct)




      Now the  same thing I'm calling in a Bar chart calling the same expression =Avg(Scrap) , but here I'm getting average as 3,5% which is not the exact average . As we don't have option for setting Expression Total as Average for Bar chart. I want to show here exactly 3.4% instead of 3.5% .



      Kindly help me here in bar chart , how to get exactly average numbers.