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    Loop and Reduce Job Fail

    Aadil M

      Hi Folks,


      Could someone please help me resolve this issue.


      I have a Loop and reduce job setup on publisher which is scheduled to run daily at a specific time. But the problem now is, the job has started to fail frequently and below is the error that it throws.


      Also, the job is distributing the document to a folder in NAS.


      Please let me know providing any more information will help better understand the issue.


      I am running QV11.2 SR6.


      (2014-06-10 10:23:14) Information: <Error />

      (2014-06-10 10:23:14) Error: The QlikView Server returned a error

      (2014-06-10 10:23:14) Information: Performance data (CopyFile): Connecting to QVS. (0), DMSAccessRules=8 (0), Uploading file: ClientFolder/DynamicReducedDocument.qvw (16), Write complete. (24557312 bytes processed) (2075)

      (2014-06-10 10:23:14) Error: QVS Distribution failed to distribute to QVS

      (2014-06-10 10:23:14) Error: Distribution to resources failed with errors. Warnings: 0, Errors: 2

      (2014-06-10 10:23:14) Information: Deleting temporary files.

      (2014-06-10 10:23:14) Information: Closing the document.

      (2014-06-10 10:23:15) Information: Closed the QlikView Engine successfully. ProcessID=50316