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    Optimized charts

    Suraj Kumar

      Hi All,


      There are many charts in each sheet of my dashboard which takes long time to load when i click on the sheet because there are millions of rows in the dashboard.

      The expressions are not complex, but i multiple dimensions in cyclic group.

      If you see the attached sample qvw, the sheet contain many charts and set of charts appear when we click on a button(anyway the buttons are not active as it is sample app).


      I wanted to know a better way to present these charts, so that it loads faster.

      I know that minimizing the charts is a good idea to improve the performance, but, since the requirement is to show all charts when i click on a button, how can i minimize the charts?


      These are other sheets in the same dashboards which contain set of straight tables(also gets loaded when i click on a button), which take even longer time.


      Is there any optimized way to present the charts for my requirement??