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    Why can't I NOT select on any of my dimensions (and see the sum)?

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I have loaded data from an Excel file and, by some manipulation steps, I have tried to make as many fields as possible into dimensions and thus have only two actual data fields.

      The current scenario is as follows:

      - Dimensions:

        - date

        - goods_receipt_gate

        - category ("lorry" or "container")

      - data_fields

        - goods_receipt early shift

        - goods_receipt late shift.


      My issue is, I cannot NOT select a gate and thus see the sum of either lorries or containers - not selecting a category would not make sense anyway as there are of course many containers to one lorry.

      (I have already created a second, alternative chart with the trellis option simultaneously showing all three gates - but not the sum of them all)

      I can't imagine why this is not possible, it should be easy as the figures are in the table ...

      Can anyone help me here?


      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,