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    Shifting a line chart curve horizontally?

      Hello everybody,

      I try to solve a vizualisation challenge which sounds to be easier than it is:

      In my app (please see attached file) I have a power curve, which should be movable horizontally by a slider value.


      The slider value is written in the variable $(VerschiebungWert) and is handled correctly. For testing purposes I placed a text box and a list box on the right side. The text box shows the selected value plus/minus the slider value.


      The chart shows a green curve with the original power values, calculated with


      as expression, to every quarter hour as dimension.


      When it comes to display the shifted curve in the chart, I tried to enhance the expression with Set Analysis:

      {$<Viertelstunde={">=$(=Viertelstunde + ($(VerschiebungWert)/24/4))"}>}

      I tried almost everything, even the indirect way with Set Modifiers, and using fixed values instead of variabled, but I don't get any shifted curve at all. Is somebody here who can help me?

      Additional explanation - I have 3 fields which could be used:

      'Zeitpunkt' contains the exact timestamp of one power value, e.g. 41395,0625123

      'Viertelstunde' contains the 'Zeitpunkt' rounded down to a quarter hour, e.g. 41395,0625000

      '%Viertelstunde' contains 'Viertelstunde' in 'DD.MM.YYYY hh:mm:ss' time format

      Sorry about the German field and variable names... ;-)

      By pressing the button "Simulation on/off" you can show/hide a static image which explains how it should look like, if you shift the power curve by 3 hours (it doesn't matter if only the values within the selected day are shifted or the values of the previous/next day are shown).

      Thank you very much for any help in advance.