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    Where Clause & Join

      I am trying to exclude fields that do not have a date entry in the following field. It works with a where clause but only for the field. I additionally would like to exlcude all values that are linked to this empty field especially the values in the field "auftragswert". How can I do this? Do I have to join the two tables?


      This is my code:


      SQL SELECT "job_nummer",



          Year ("datum_auftrag") as Jahr,

          Month ("datum_auftrag") as Monat,



      FROM EASY.job where "datum_auftrag" is not null;


      load *, [auf_kurs] * [auf_wert] / 100 as [Auftragswert];


      SQL SELECT "auf_datum",








      FROM EASY.jleistg;


      Thank you for your help!