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    Line Chart-Conditional- Not Showing correct value as per Field Selection

      Hi Expert ,


      Here you can see 3 line graphs when Call Type field is blank.


      Now the Call type may have 3 values (Project , Request and Problem) and this display the lines basis of Call Type selection .

      Example :

      If user select Call_Type as Problem, then only red graph should display

      If user select 2 Call_Type i.e. Project and Request call type  then Only green and yellow line should display

      and so on.


      Now I have one issue .Below is the expected output when user select Call Type as 'PROBLEM' and Support Group as ADM.



      But here it’s coming like below and you can see the Y axis has very different value from above


      Below is the code what I have written as script form PROBLEM (similarly for Request and Project)

      Ticket_ID as Ticket_ID_proj,
      floor(Create_Date) as [Generic Date],
      WeekName(date(num#([Create_Date]),'M/DD/YYYY'),0,-1) as [Generic Week],
      MonthsName(1,date(num#([Create_Date]),'M/DD/YYYY')) as [Generic Month],
      'Created Date'
      as DateType
      where Call_Type = 'PROBLEM';

      And here is the expression which I am using to display PROBLEM Graph



      Similarly ,Graph is not showing the correct values when selecting one or two call type.

      Please help. Thanks in Advance

      Best Regards,

      Rahul Pathak