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    How to define line style of a chart according to a specific value

      Hi guys,


      I need your help because I've tried to design a very basic chart and I have some issues.

      -> You can see it just by clicking on the bottom button.


      You can see a green line and a yellow one.

      I thought It could be smart to change the line style according to the value of yellow line.

      I mean, when the part of the yellow line is under the green one, i would like have a dote line.

      In the same way, a full yellow line when it is above the green one.


      get it ?


      Actually, it works but not well !

      Any ideas ?



      I've done : Chart-> ¨Properties -> Line Style -> IF( value Yellow < value green, '<S3>')qlik.png



      Benjamin Drouin

      Consultant BI