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    Why can't Qva.LoadScript load files from sub-folders?

      I have created an extension Extensions/mytests/HelloWorld.

      Now, when I organize my files into sub folders, Qva.LoadScript fails to load it.

      In fact, it loads only things that are at the root like "Extensions/mytests/HelloWorld/myscript.js" and fails "Extensions/mytests/HelloWorld/scripts/myscript.js"

      What am I doing wrong or is it just not supported? in this case, it will be impossible to have all files at the root.


      var my_extension_path = Qva.Remote + "?public=only&name=Extensions/mytests/HelloWorld";


      Qva.LoadScript(my_extension_path + "/myscript.js", my_app_done);    // SUCCEEDS

      Qva.LoadScript(my_extension_path + "/scripts/myscript.js", my_app_done);    // FAILS