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    Include values in set, but exclude when excluded from selection?

      Hi, all.


      I have a basic count of calls when a "type" value is set to Residential:


      SUM({<$(=vDateAlias)={">=$(=vRangeDate1)<=$(=vRangeDate2)"}, callType={'Residential'}>}[Call Count])


      This works fine.  However, when I make a selection that does not include this type (Such as "Business, Credit, Apartment"), the count does not change; it still shows the count of calls that have a type of Residential.


      I tried changing to use the current selections as the base, but the number does not change:

      SUM({$<$(=vDateAlias)={">=$(=vRangeDate1)<=$(=vRangeDate2)"}, callType={'Residential'}>}[Call Count])


      So, if I have these counts:


      Residential = 200

      Business = 300

      Credit = 400

      Apartment = 500


      And make no selections, I would expect the above sum to show 200, which it does.  If I make a selection of Apartment, I would expect the number to change to 0.  It stays at 200.


      How do I make the set respect both the Residential count, and current selections?