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    11.2 SR5/6 IE Plugin backwards compatible with 11IR Server build?

    Corey Hartman

      Ultimately, what I need to know is: Will the 11.2 SR5 or SR6 plugins be backwards compatible with 11.0 IR Server build, or conversely, will the 11.0 IR IE Plugin be at least compatible enough with the 11.2 SR5 or SR6 Server builds to keep 11.0 IR functionality? We use IE9 32 bit.


      I've been scouring documentation and blogs, and haven't seen anything yet on this specifically. We're considering an upgrade to 11.2 SR5 or SR6, but we're concerned about timing. We may not be able to both upgrade the server, and package and roll out the IE Plugin to the client machines at the same time (clients will soon not have admin rights to install on their own; it will have to be "packaged" and distributed by the admin team to each client machine). So we're hoping we can limp along either before or after the server upgrade for a short time.