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    Column Percentage

      I'm sure I'm writing wrong this formula


      =Sum({<[Codice Documento]= {'CLI-SCONTRINO','NEG-FATIMM','FOR-DDTRESO','INT-BUONOSCA','SCA-DANN-FURTI'}>} [QTA 1 Documento])/sum (total({<[Codice Documento]= {'CLI-SCONTRINO','NEG-FATIMM','FOR-DDTRESO','INT-BUONOSCA','SCA-DANN-FURTI'}>} [QTA 1 Documento]))


      I need to calculate the column percentage...how should it be written the formula? My problem is that this variable [Codice Documento] must respect those values {'CLI-SCONTRINO','NEG-FATIMM','FOR-DDTRESO','INT-BUONOSCA','SCA-DANN-FURTI'}....


      thanks to everyone!