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    Where Clause in QVD load

    Philip Duplisey

      I have an app loading incremental data daily. In the past something caused us to load a whole batch of data, and now I have discovered a problem with this load.


      Fortunately, we load the file name in the initial load and save the data to a QVD.


      I want to "fix" this data, first by excluding the bad data from the QVD.


      I was hoping I could use something like this:


      [P:\QlikView Storage\Data Sources\QVDs\PO_Final.qvd]


      where FileName < > 'PO_DUMP_02-25to07-18.csv'



      Unfortunately QV doesn't like <> for not equal on the QVD load. Could somebody help with the syntax here, I have tried a bunch of diffreent things.