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    syncronize line chart with minimun value

      Hi to all,


      i have a line chart and i want to synchronize the Y axis with the smallest value in the chart. I mean that if the minimun value is 1.000.000 i do not want the chart to start from 0 but from 1.000.000 in order to elininate the white space which is not used.


      I have managed to do it with a line chart that calculates the amoun of some transactions but i cannot get the same result when i try to do the same with a line chart that calculates the transaction count.In both charts i have checked the "synchronize zero level for expression axes" and unchecked the "forced 0" and "log scale"in the axes tab and all null and zero values are excluded.


      The charts are identical (they have the same properties) and the only thing that changes is the expresions (sum vs count). The count chart is a clone of the sum chart.The charts have 4 expressions with information about the 4 latest years.

      Attached you will see find the 2 charts.


      Any help will be very appreciated.


      Thank you all in advance.