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    Left keep function

      Hello Experts


      I used a "Left keep" function to link the two tables in a way that when datum_auftrag <> null, values are shown. if datum_auftrag = null,  all other values are excluded. Not only in table "job" but also the fields that are linked from table "jleistg".


      SQL SELECT "job_nummer",



          Year ("datum_auftrag") as Jahr,

          Month ("datum_auftrag") as Monat,


      FROM EASY.job where "datum_auftrag" is not null;


      LEFT KEEP (job)


      load *, [auf_kurs] * [auf_wert] / 100 as [Auftragswert];


      SQL SELECT "auf_datum",




          bez as Leistungstext,







      FROM EASY.jleistg where storniert = 0 and optional = 0 and ltyp <> 0;


      Now I would like to use another table with a selection criteria to exclude all linked vaues in the two tables above:


      SQL SELECT bez as Jobkriterium,

          beznr as Jobkritnr

      FROM EASY.divbez where Jobkriterium <> 'Internes Projekt';


      Where do I have to set the "Left keep" keep in this case? I do not seem to get it right...


      Thank you so much for your help...