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    Linking Charts with Data from Separate SQL Statements

    Michael Costner

      Hi everyone,


      I have two separate straight table charts with one common column and several expressions. The data for these charts are pulled from the same source, however the SQL code used to populate each chart is slightly different. Because the charts are populated using different SQL queries, the variables used for the common column are different, although the values are the same. The variables for the common column are used as dimensions in each chart.


      My problem is, whenever I select a single (or range) of values in the common column from one chart, the same selection is not made in the other chart--it's values remain unchanged. I have tried changing the dimension field so the variables are the same, however this causes my expressions to be calculated incorrectly.


      Is there any way to link these two charts so that values selected in one chart are automatically selected in the other?


      Thanks in advance.