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    Unable to Authenticate (using Basic Authentication)

      I am trying to do a load test simulation for 3 users using Basic Authentication with IIS 7.0 and unable to get past the Authenticate.aspx error as attached.


      Might someone be able to guide where my error is?


      here's my setup


      3 QVS - DMS Authorization, no Session Recovery

      3 IIS - Set to use the Authenticate.aspx for Basic Authentication, Windows Authentication = Disabled, Anonymous = Enabled. Set to Allow Anonymous in the QVWS settings.

      2 QDS

      1 QMS

      4 DSC - clustered with Local Directory for all 4 server having same test users for eg. User1;Pass1 etc.


      I have an alias for load balancing the web servers.


      My jmx is generated using the 0.8 version of the scriptgeneratortool.


      I open the jmx in jMeter, try to execute and am unable to get past authentication.


      The document distributed is SalesCompass.qvw with open access to everyoneand all users.


      the tools was extracted after the unblock. I am using my publisher machine where jMeter runs. It has sufficient RAM and CPU.