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    Strange - influence of the > display values < on visibility of chart?

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I have a very strange phenomenon:

      - In a new chart, i simply display values taken from an Excel file into which they were copied from an invoice.

      - I have tried to maximize the nr. of dimensions rel. to the nr. of data_fields, so now it looks like this:

      - Dimensions:

        - (Year)

        - Month

        - Plant (there are three plants where energy/ electricity is used)

      - Data_fields:

        - Usage in kWH

        - Cost in  €

      In addition to a display where the Plant can be selected, I have implemented, as a second alternative chart, a trellis-type chart where the three plants can be viewed side by side.

      So far it works fine. I have three little charts in the usual charting_area.

      <=> The trouble is when I tick the checkbox in the dialog to display the figures in the charts - it goes whoom and nothing is displayed anymore.


      Why is that? Does Qlikview somehow block that because there would be to little space?


      Thanks a lot!


      Best regards,