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    Session Lost

      Hello everyone,


      The users who look at an application from access point sometimes get the problem : Session lost


      It mostly happens at night (and my applications are reloaded during the night, i don't know if it's correlated ?)


      It never happens to me so I don't really know what to look for..


      I read some threads about the parameters in Document > Server > Performance  but I didn't specify anything there.


      What's wrong ?How could I solve that ?


      Thanks for your help.


      Have a good day. 



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          Bill Britt



          The issue could be that after the document is reloaded, QVS will reload the document in memory. If you don't have the document setup to gracefully refresh the users will be disconnected.


          This setting is a document setting and is per document. There are three options and the best one to use is the last one "Server performs refresh automatically without client action".  See the below. If you need more information on this just hit the help button.