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    Change value on load

      Hi Everyone,


      I'm quite a newbie to QlikView and need help with the following question:

      Is it possible to change values/display values as another value?

      I did already for the column names but the values are now A1, A2, A3 or A4 but I want it to be 1,2,3 or 4 for some KPI stats.

      I've attached an image of the table and on the right side how I want it to be (if possible).

      My script right now (using MySQL):


      id as ID,

      submitdate as [Datum ingevuld],

      startlanguage as Taal,

      `326461X66X657` as Leraar,

      `326461X66X658` as Klas,

      `326461X62X6231` as 1,

      `326461X62X6232` as 2,

      `326461X62X6233` as 3,

      `326461X62X6234` as 4,

      `326461X62X6235` as 5,

      `326461X62X6236` as 6,

      `326461X62X6237` as 7,

      `326461X62X6238` as 8,

      `326461X62X6239` as 9,

      `326461X62X62310` as 10,

      `326461X63X62411` as 11,

      `326461X63X62412` as 12,

      `326461X63X62413` as 13,

      `326461X63X62414` as 14,

      `326461X63X62415` as 15,

      `326461X63X62416` as 16,

      `326461X63X62417` as 17,

      `326461X63X62418` as 18,

      `326461X63X62419` as 19,

      `326461X63X62420` as 20,

      `326461X63X62421` as 21,

      `326461X63X62422` as 22,

      `326461X63X62423` as 23,

      `326461X63X62424` as 24,

      `326461X63X62425` as 25,

      `326461X64X62526` as 26,

      `326461X64X62527` as 27,

      `326461X64X62528` as 28,

      `326461X64X62529` as 29,

      `326461X65X626` as Opmerkingen;



      ODBC CONNECT TO [OC Enquete];

      SQL SELECT id,



































      FROM `DB`.`Table` WHERE `submitdate` IS NOT NULL;