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    Changing Context Menu Language over Access Point

    Jean-Pierre Bakhache

      Hi community members,


      I'd like to know how we can change the context menu language for an application opened from access point.


      QV Server and Desktop installation (11.2 SR6) was done using english as default.

      But the client is requesting to have menu items in french when viewing the dashboard over web (for example, the context menu that displays when right-clicking on an object, sheet, etc).

      Changing the interface language from qv desktop that was installed on the server doesn't change it over web.

      I would also like to know the following:

      - Can we change this language on ajax and ie ? and is it a different procedure or the same one ?

      - Can we have this option by user or is it applied for all users ?


      I've read in another older thread that we can specify the InterfaceLanguage in the settings.ini file, so I assume this will be applied for all web users, but prefer to get confirmation, maybe some changes occurred in that area with newer versions of qlikview.


      Thank you all.