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    Changes/Revision to Applications

    David Young

      I was wondering if anyone has any examples of what they do for revision changes in your applications.  I have created a separate tab which list the changes but I was wondering if anyone has some cool designs they can share.



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          Friedrich Hofmann

          Hi David,


          would you mind sharing that?

          Sounds like a great idea.

          We currently have neither a proper backup system in place nor a versioning system of any kind.

          The chances that we're going to get a real versioning system, which would be good for backups at the same time, are quite slim...

          At the moment, what we do is, we simply make copies in dedicated backup_folders, labeled with the date, and take out the data which makes most apps significantly smaller - but that is a bit backward in a hightech environment ...

          Thanks a lot!

          Best regards,



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            Felim Shanaghy

            Generally I create an inline table or manage it through a straight table, then when a person launches the dashboard the home pages contains the version details which includes last update date, version number, last update, identified issues etc

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                Friedrich Hofmann

                Hi Felim,


                that, however, involves the issue that persons without QlikView license cannot view this documentation (Okay, persons without license might have no interest in knowing about a QlikView_app they cannot access ...)


                The objective, and the difficult part, is to keep the time that has to be spent on documentation to a minimum and thus make it possible to document every step in the development process.

                We have a documentation of all our QlikView_apps in Word_format (because here the managers, even those without QlikView_license, do want to know about the QlikView_apps) which are saved on a generally accessible server.

                They are then merely linked from a textbox which is standardized in all our apps - and which also contains the last reload, the version_nr., the person responsible for the "business_side" and the developer.

                I would go for some sort of changelog to be included in the Word_format documentation.That way, I'd have to write things only once, not several times.