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    Need to remove Dimension

    Kalyan Sundaran

      Hi all,


      I have built report like the below


      Branch TransactionDate DueDate       Amount   Bonus

      India       01/04/2014      01/04/2014     1000       50

      India       02/05/2014      01/05/2014     1500       100

      India       03/06/2014      01/06/2014      500        10

      China .............................


      Here i used transactiondate and duedate fields in bonus calculation. If I remove date dimensions, bonus becomes 0

      But it should not be like that.


      I need the format as below, no dates in dimension


      Branch Amount Bonus

      India     3000      160


      am having on issue, i have two date columns Transaction date and Duedate,

      my report is calculated using Start and End date,


      the following expression works, if date is present as dimension,








      if date is removed from dimension, the above calculation not works,


      30-day(duedate)+1 is calculated in script, so no problem when i use field,

      day(End)-1 is calculated in script, so no problem

      (floor((End-Duedate))/30)-1 is not calculated in script, because, End is date, and Duedate is date but from different table.


      i need the report as summary level not as a detailed...


      please help me to solve the above issue.


      Awaiting for help.


      Thanks and Regards,