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    drill up does not work when calculated dimensions used

      Hi All,


      I have created a drill down group in a bar chart consisting of following :-


      1. =if(num((Aggr(count(Distinct {$<invoicetype={'10107000000033'}, ActiveFlag={'F'}>}  Vehicle_NO),parentname) / aggr(sum(STamsrt),parentname) *100)) >= VTarPer ,'No. of Dealers who Achieved Target','No. of Dealers who did not achieve Target')


      2. Region Name

      3. Dealer Name


      Now the drill down works fine but the "drill up" misses the 2nd level i.e. Region Name

      Ex - 1st level -> "Achieved' - 116

             2nd level -> "North"  - 8

             3rd level -> list of 8 dealers with 8 bars having value "1" as I am just counting the no. of dealers


      Now when I drill up using up arrow...... the 2nd level is missed and directly shows the first level "Achieved" with "count 8" which is wrong as ideally it should show "116" (as mentioned above).


      Note :- another drill down group with no calculated dimensions work absolutely fine.


      Thanks & Regards,