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    Scoring question

    David Young

      I have a question about giving a score to my clients based on the following information:


      1.  If the number of work orders in a 12 month period is greater than .60.  This is calculated by Number of Work Orders / Number of Students.  If true then they get 1 point.

      2.  If the number of labor hours on work orders is greater than .60.   This is calculated by Total Labor Hours / Number of Work Orders.  If true then they get 1 point.

      3.  So a client could have 1, 2, or 3 points depending on their results.


      I have the following data points

      1.  Organization Name

      2.  Work Order Created Date.

      3.  WOID

      4.  Labor Hours

      5.  Transaction Date for Labor Hours


      Now what I would like to do is show their score over time.  So something that looks like:


      Organization Name     Score 2002   Score 2003    Score 2004

      A                                             1               2                    2         


      I would like to run it for each year starting in 2002 - 2014.


      Now I would like the 12 month number to based on Work order and Transaction Date starting with today and going back 12 months.  In other words:


      2014 - Today - 12 months.

      2013 - 12months ago - 12 months.


      So on.


      I would love to run this one time and get all the numbers instead of having to run a year at that time.  Does this make sense?  If so any ideas on how to begin.