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    Error in set modifier ad hoc element list

      Hello everyone,


      I want to display only the data for the past 10 weeks in a graph : 9 full weeks + the week that has begun.


      cal_date_num is the date in numeric format  (eg. 40755).


      In my set analysis, I put :


      =sum({< cal_date_num = {>= max(cal_date_num)-63-num(weekday(max(cal_date_num))+1} >} [Compteur_appels] )


      63 = 7x9

      =1 because num(weekday) goes from 0 to 6.



      This formula doesn't work, the error is "Error in set modifier ad hoc element list".


      What can I do ?


      Thank you for your help


      Have a good day