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    Is there a way to get multiple tab rows on AccessPoint?

    Steve Lord

      Hi, When I'm working on a qvw on the qlikview server, the document shows the tabs in 2-3 rows depending on the window size, rather than making me scroll left and right like it does on the AccessPoint web portal viewing the same qvw.


      Is there a way to make the AccessPoint version of the qvw also show tabs on more than one row, instead of having the left/right scroll arrows?  The thing has 20-odd tabs now and it would be nice for users, especially new users who need to do some learning exploration, to be able to just see what's there without scrolling around.  (I'm also thinking about disabling the add sheet feature on the qvw in accesspoint because various users joke about how many blank sheets they create when they're aiming for the little scroll arrow two millimeters to the left of the add sheet button there.  I found the way to do that, but not a way to make multiple tab rows on accesspoint yet.)




      PS> Anyone know when a real log out button may come out?  I know how to make a log out button appear by turning off always authenticate, but it's a fake logout button that works like a back button and people can get back in without signing back in again- not too big an issue here yet, but may become terribly critical (HIPAA-mandated even) if/when we end up with many more end users using our dashboards and/or sharing workstations.  I'm going to go look at qlikview Next and see if anything new or interesting in there along that line too...