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    100% stacked bar chart in qlikview with values on the stacked bars

    Padmashri Rajagopal

      Hi All,

      I have a requirement to create a stacked bar chart like the one below.(req.png)

      I have been able to create the chart like this (Charts1.png).

      Is there anyway I can get the Values on the bars as shown in the requirement?

      As of now Im getting the percentages on the bars.

      Any help will be great because I have just not been able to crack this.

      Expressions used till now.

      Actuals %---(Sum(TOTAL<[Product Group],[Product Subgroup]>{$<Quarter={'$(vCurrentQuarter)'}>}Value)/1000)/2/

      ((Sum(TOTAL<[Product Group],[Product Subgroup]>{$<Quarter={'$(vCurrentQuarter)'}>}Forecast)/1000)/2)

      [1-Actuals%]--Gap to forecast


      Thanks a lot!