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    New subtotal


      I need to create two new rows "total" in the positions that I have indicated in the figure. The table is a table pivots.

      The totals must be calculated in the following way:

      Total (101,102): 1500+2590 = 4090

      Total (201,202,203): 850+450+800 = 2100

      How can I do?




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          Sundarakumar Kalaimani

          U can do it if 101 and 102 belong to another hierarchy like 100 and 201,202,203 belongs to the 200 in the same level. I mean if u have data as below.


          100     101



          200     201




          If u don't have hierarchy as shown try to create one with some business logics, since u look interested in summing 101,102 and 201,202,203. If u don't have such level then I thinks its hard.

          Once u have that level created u have the option in presentation tab. otherwise I guess it is not possible in Pivot table.





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            Bruno Souza

            Hello, Marco


            You can use a calculated dimension with a expression like


            =Floor(cdc, 100)




            =Left(cdc, 1)


            Put one of those expressions as your first dimension and turn on subtotals for it.


            Hope it helps.